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Depreciation Schedule for Investment Property
Most of property investors do not realize that there is so much they are missing out on failing to claim them by not hiring a Quantity Surveyor. The value of the Depreciation that is claimed can range between $1,500 and $ 15,000 per year. For someone in the top marginal tax bracket of 45 cents in the dollar, the effect of tax depreciation is to put between $675 and $6,500 per year back in their pocket. We are a group of professional Quantity Surveyors with the experience and customer service commitment that ensures our ability to deliver timely ATO compliant depreciation reports throughout Australia. The amount of the deduction varies depending upon the date of the original building construction but is either 2.5% or 4% of the Capital Works Component of the building cost.

Property investors need an ATO compliant tax depreciation report for claiming tax benefits as directed by the Australian Taxation Office rulings. Property investors can claim tax depreciation claims on an investment property and make their cash flow lucrative. Among all the tax deductions possible for property investors, depreciation is often ignored though investors do not need to expend any money on claiming it. This tax benefit can be claimed on the building structure and on current fittings and fixtures. Realty industry research states that over 80% of property investors don’t even aim for availing advantage of property depreciation.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows property investors to claim rental & investment property depreciation deduction on their building, plant and equipment items inside the building. The ATO has stipulated over 1500 items as depreciable assets and parts of the buildings. Claiming depreciation tax deductions, investors need services of a qualified Quantity Surveyor for detailed tax depreciation schedule. In and all by utilizing the benefits of property Depreciation, the investor can turn what may otherwise be a negative cash flow into a positive cash flow.

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