Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors

Qualified Quantity Surveyors William Shakespeare’s definition of Quantity Surveyor: “When we mean to build, we first survey the plot, and then draw the model, and when we see the figures of the house, and then must we rate the cost of the erection. Which if we find outweighs ability, what do us then, but draws anew the model in fewer offices, or at least desists to build at all.”

A quantity surveyor estimates and controls the cost of the construction. Our team of quantity surveyors provides construction cost advice; construction cost estimating and bill of quantities services which are affordable and tailored to individual needs. Quantity Surveyor services range from preliminary cost estimates during feasibility, project management and cost control during construction and tax depreciation schedules and sinking fund forecasts during post construction. The better question who is a Quantity Surveyor?

Quantity Surveyors are quality professionals like the Auditor who are recognized under the Australian Tax Office Ruling No. 97/25 as appropriately qualified professionals for the purposes of assessing the construction value of rental properties. Specifically TR 97/25 holds that: “Unless they are otherwise qualified, valuers, real estate agents, accountants and solicitors generally have neither the relevant qualifications nor experience to make such an estimate”.

The tasks of Quantity Surveyor ranges from feasibility studies at the inception stage, to preparation of bills of quantities during the design/development stage, until pre-tender estimates and tender analysis when selecting builders, contract administration and cost control during construction, preparation of final accounts at completion, implementation of facilities management and tax depreciation during operation. The Quantity Surveyor is the most qualified person to assist in any matter relating to construction cost. With Quantity Surveyors like the Tax Depreciation Schedules Australia you will find depreciation equivalent to three times our fee in the first year – or your report will be issued FREE of charge.

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