Privacy Policy

1) Tax Depreciation Schedules Australia is aware of and shares the concern of your privacy protection. This website policy mentions how your personal information is collected, used and shared. We completely follow the National Privacy Principles and our procedures of gathering and using personal information are meant to guarantee that you are fully protected under Australian privacy laws.

2) We collect personal information via emails that you send to us or via queries that you submit to us or when you subscribe to any of our services from our website. According to paragraph 3, we will not gather or save any personal information on any individual person unless and until that person has specially provided to us this personal information.

3) If you primarily provide personal information of other persons to us for the purpose of using our services to communicate with them, we will save this information on your behalf.

4) We can share your personal information where you have allowed us to do so. We may also be needed or be directed by law to share your personal information. We also use 3rd party services to monitor anonymous use of the Home Tax Depreciation Schedules Australia
website along with technical details shared by your web browser. The Tax Depreciation Schedules Australia website contains 3rd Party code from Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook and Google Analytics which may track the pattern of your use of this site. Tax Depreciation Schedules Australia’s use of Google AdWords Remarketing Lists could use a cookie to send targeted marketing material to you on Google and other third-party sites across the Internet. Cookies are not meant to save or track any personal information and cannot recognize you as an individual. You may opt out of accepting cookies on your browser if you want to. If you want, you can opt out of this target by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page. If you give us with your email address, we will add you to our email mailing list managed by our appointed marketing email managing company. If your email client allows, your communications with our newsletters will be monitored for marketing reasons. All marketing emails can be unsubscribed as and when you intend to do so.

5) You can view the personal information that you have shared with us at any time. You can also update any information that we have saved or may change any option regarding the sharing or usage of that information.

6) You may also demand to delete all personal information we have saved on your behalf from our database at any time. Excluding to the level that we are supposed to save information for billing purpose or by law, we will immediately comply with any application to delete such information from our database. We cannot however guarantee deletion of the information stored in this request if the details fail to match with those saved in our records.

7) We assure that all personal details are deleted in a suitable manner to preserve your rights of privacy. We will make sure that all information is stored safely, remains protected and is only used in accordance with the reason for which it is provided to us or otherwise as authorized by you.

8) This privacy policy may change without notice. Please ensure that you view this document before any example of providing us the information.

9) If you have any queries relating to this privacy policy please contact us at our office.

If at any time you have questions about this Privacy Policy or any practices or dealings relating to this site, you can get in touch with us.

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