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Tax Depreciation Schedule Australia in Brisbane has earned quite a good name in the field of depreciation schedule. We cater to the need of all type of property investors. A person who owns property can get some deduction in his/her annual return of taxes by getting a valid tax depreciation schedule computed by a qualified professional. These qualified professionals are decided by Australian Taxation Office (ATO).According to ATO the qualified professional to undertake the work of depreciation schedule is Quantity Surveyors.

Depreciation is levied on all the assets .The depreciation allowance imposed in context of property industry are on two types of investment

  • First on plants and equipment things which are deployed inside building like air-conditioner, gas stove, heating system, furniture, fixture in short things which are used by us and whose value is likely to plunge down with time and its consumption and has relatively shorter span of life.
  • Second on capital work items, when the work of renovation, extension, construction, alteration or improvement of structure is undertaken various item like bricks, mortar, cement, wall plaster, wiring are needed, the expenses incurred in all these items are subject to depreciation. An even rate of 2.5% per annum is applicable on the original cost of building the property. Of which this rate may vary and it can increase from 2.5% to 4% depending upon the construction date and the purpose of the building

There are around 1500 items which Australian taxation office has predetermined as depreciable assets and parts of building.

People have doubts regarding their property whether they are eligible to apply for such deduction or not. So at Tax Depreciation Schedules Australia we make sure all doubts of our clients are cleared before headedly. Tax depreciation schedule can be claimed in all type of properties be it new or old. In Residential properties, old properties built before 1985 are eligible for depreciation on plants and equipment only. And the Investors whose buildings were built after 17th July 1985 they are liable to claim depreciation on plants, equipment and building allowance both. Even if you are eligible only for plant and equipment allowance still it’s advisable as something is better than nothing that too free of cost, as our fees that you have to pay are also deductible to the full extent in your annual tax return.

Our team are a proud holder of relevant construction industry qualification. So we have a profound knowledge on issues like cost of construction, case law, Income tax estimation Act, income tax rules and regulations and all other essential dexterity to undertake investigation and to draw out a profitable tax depreciation schedule report.

We have a workforce of qualifications as ordered by Australian taxation office. Our quantity surveyors are the members of is Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS) which helps our team member to provide you with all type of depreciation schedule solutions. This also helps our quantity members to adhere with the rules laid down by ATO for preparation of Tax depreciation Schedule.

We as a team of qualified quantity surveyor give surety that at Tax Depreciation Schedules Australia we try to draw a depreciation schedule which will fetch you upper limit tax reduction.

We can promise you that by getting a Quantity Surveyors prepared by us the returns that will rush in will be of good amount. We are obsessed with providing utmost contentment to our clients by availing them maximum tax benefits, which we do by bringing ample return from capital allowances and tax depreciation claims. We have a unique group of specialist catering to the need of all category of investors- commercial industrial, residential, or hotel properties. We pledge that you will never be disappointed for the money paid to us by you for our service, as the money you paid will be justified with the advantage you will get from our service. At the end, we can proudly say that the satisfaction you will get by taking our service will be more profitable than the fees that we charge.

So feel free to contact us as we are always ready to assist you. All your doubts will be cleared without wasting much of your time as we believe both our and your time is expensive.

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