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We welcome you to Tax Depreciation Schedules Australia; we are a group of profound quantity surveyors having our branches all over Australia. We provide our clients with Tax depreciation schedule which is required at the time of income tax return filing, in order to claim for the depreciation that the asset owner has borne. Tax depreciation schedules Australia in Melbourne is a well-known company. In our company there are only qualified quantity surveyors, who will undertake your work of tax depreciation schedule computation. These quantity surveyors are the listed associates of The Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (AIQS). Our quantity surveyors also hold a degree in construction management, which makes them an expert in cost of construction assessment and preparing an accurate report of depreciation on properties. In Tax Depreciation Schedules Australia, there is no compromise with the ATO rules and regulations. So you never have to be anxious about the legality of our tax depreciation schedule.

Property prices rise motivates the investors to invest in property that has shown important capital gains overtime. They focus on the capital growth in place of rental income as their preferred investment route. Tax depreciation professionals specialize in maximizing Tax Depreciation entitlements on your investment property. Even though this is not treated as a cash expense, investors are allowed to report this expense against their taxable income. As per the official industry estimates, over 80% of investors do not utilize this entitlement. This results in many taxpayers end up paying high income tax.

The deductable property expenses usually include the following:
  • Interest costs
  • Depreciation
  • Property management fees
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Insurance rates
  • Legal fees and other.

Interest costs
Interest costs payments are usually the most major property expense you will invite. Such payments are deductable if the property is income generating i.e. a property which is given on rent or lease, or a business premises utilized to gain income.

Depreciation is an allowance to compensate the tax payer for the worsening of assets which will finally need replacing. Depreciation facilitates assets to be written off over the life of an asset that is resolute by the rates set by the ATO.

Property Management Fees:
The fees paid by investors for property management payable to agents, body corporate or a property manager are also tax deductable. On commercial tenancies, the tenant may pay a percentage of such costs that stand tax deductable as an operating cost.

Repairs and Maintenance
In repairs and maintenance, the dissimilarity between capital vs. repairs and maintenance claims must be dealt with caution. General rules comprise: Where you sustain expenditures above renovating the wear and tear, then this is capital expenditure and should be depreciated.

Insurance costs
Insurance costs that come with the building and income risk for debts are tax deductable too. Unlike the rates on a commercial property, the tenant is not usually required to pay these. This expense is usually paid for by the landlord and is tax deductable as an operating expense.

Legal fees
Legal fees expensed in availing the borrowings are tax deductable too. Yet, legal costs incurred in order to acquire property are capitalized to the cost of the property and included within the depreciation calculation.

It’s clear by now what on items you can claim tax deduction. As a wise investor in property you should always go for tax depreciation schedule as it saves you from various cost burdens that you bear for holding properties. It is a boon given by the Australian taxation office to the property investor in Australia to save the pockets of investors.

During the time of tax filing, large number of company starts flooding in for tax depreciation schedule report in online market. These company claims to be the finest in the field of Tax depreciation schedule computation. Before choosing anyone make sure you do detail analysis of them. Never go for their phony claims. Tax depreciation Schedules Australia never profess false claim. We are known for our unadulterated service. We can assure you, you will never regret the money you have paid us, as our service is more beneficial than the money you expend on tax depreciation schedule preparation.

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