Tax Depreciation Schedule

We give meticulous Tax Depreciation Schedule services all over Australia that truly support the amount of claimable depreciation in against properties, plant, equipment and capital costs that may occur overtime. Our service supports our client claims of tax deductions on various assets in order to stabilize their taxable income and avail valid compensations for wear and tear.

The Tax Depreciation Schedule prepared by one of our Quantity Surveyors is one of the best investments a property investor can make for their entire tax depreciation schedule. You can claim 100% of the allowable deductions and save for the investors thousands of dollars every year. To obtain a free quotation for a Tax Depreciation Schedule on your investment property, or to find out more about depreciation please send a mail with the subject 'Tax Depreciation' to the mail mentioned in the Contact us. Tax Depreciation reports are available to the property investor in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the Australian Taxation Office. "We offer prompt, affordable and accurate tax depreciation reports at competitive prices starting from $275 (plus GST) for a Regional report and $495 (plus GST) for a report and inspection undertaken by our team."

There are two types of claimable depreciation:

Division 43 – Capital Works Deductions:
A flat rate of depreciation can be claimed against the original construction cost of the building. Typically the flat rate applied is 2.5% per annum however this percentage may increase to 4% subject to the date of construction and the function of the building.

Division 40 - Plant and Equipment Allowances:
To put it simply you are able to claim a number of items within a building at an accelerated rate of depreciation that is in excess of the flat rate provided by the Division 43 allowance. Items of a building that can be claimed at an accelerated rate include carpet, air-conditioning, appliances, curtains, hot water units and a multitude of other items that the tax office considers have a lesser life span than the overall bricks and mortar components of the building.

For your entire tax depreciation schedule needs you can call us. We invite you to contact us directly should you wish to discuss your property requirements further.

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